Unions protect financial security

SHARE fights for steady increases in wages to keep up with the changing job market and the cost of living in Central Massachusetts.

Base Raises – $0.50 or 2% (whichever is higher) on July 1 of each year of the current contract Through 2021

·         The first raise for this contract was retroactive to June 24, 2018

·         Grade mins and maxes increase 1.5% each year – any increase above max paid as bonus

·         To get any raise, retro pay or bonus, you must be on the payroll when it is paid out (or have retired or been laid off after July 1); employees must be finished with their probationary period as of July 1 to receive the full $0.50 or 2%

·         Employees in their 6-month probationary period on July 1 get a different raise: 1.5% after their probationary period is completed

Other Raises and Bonuses

·         Merit bonuses $100 for Exceeds and $250 for Outstanding

·         Anyone below $15/hour after their 2018 raise will be brought up to $15/hour

·         Additional structure raise if you are too low in the grade for your years of service

Questions and Comments

For more information please go to our Contract tab, or talk to a SHARE representative.